Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Origami! Yoda

I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I have to admit, this looks rather cool. Especially since several friends and family members sent this through to me pointing out how cool it was, even though they aren't origami people. So here is a quick link to Origami Yoda...

Origami Yoda via i09

152 down!

152 little birds folded! At this point I figured I should be up to 144, so I'm further ahead now. These periods of catching up over the course of a few films seems to have the advantage of me folding more than I need!

You might notice that there aren't any white cranes in there. It seems I ran out of paper from the stack until I get a bit further in. There seem to be a few colours running low as well...

Here they are bagged up with the others! I'm running out of room to store these, so I have to start preparing somewhere else as well now...

Cranes Completed: 152
Cranes to go: 848

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Akira Yoshizawa celebrated by Google doodle

I forgot to share this earlier in the week, but Akira Yoshizawa got a Google doodle for his 101st birthday. The article on The Guardian is here:

The article

More crane news coming tomorrow (I hope)...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

103 Cranes! Past the 10% mark!

I have fallen behind in a lot of things recently, blogs (I have more than one), house work, and folding cranes. Last night and today involved me doing two long sessions of playing catch up, counting, miscounting, more folding, and using a calendar to figure out just how far behind I really was...

But in the end, it all worked out! I'm up to 103 cranes, so slightly ahead of schedule still!

That, it turns out, is what 103 cranes look like. I've always been curious how much room this project would take up, and it looks like I'm getting close to an answer. In the meantime, I bagged them up 50 at a time to keep them counted, dry, and grouped together. So that means I will either lose none of them, or will lose whole bagfuls in the future...

At some point in the future, I'll string them all up in groups. I'm undecided at this point in time if I should string them up in groups of 50 or 100, but I guess that I'll make that decision when it gets closer to actually stringing them up.

Cranes Completed: 103
Cranes to go: 897